Monique Wiendels is an accomplished photographer renowned for her distinctive editorial portraits and captivating still life images. With over 15 years of experience spanning many genres, Monique has established herself as an artist with a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through her lens.

Her journey into photography began at Sheridan College, where she graduated with honours and received the prestigious Portfolio of the Year Award. This early recognition launched her career and led to creative and commercial work in Paris, Sydney, and New York. Her work has been recognized in Photovogue, The Washington Post, F-Stop, and Contact Photo Festival.

Monique is inspired by vulnerability, and is interested in the ways in which people present themselves when standing before her. The many faces we display, or hide behind, are what drive Monique to capture images.

                                                                                                     Photo by Jim Kost.

Monique Wiendels

647 966 3534 

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